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First Draft of CHUV Upzone Map (click the map to view and download)

In late 2016, over 200 neighbors attended a series of neighborhood events hosted to gather input on the new draft upzone maps for Crown Hill Urban Village. Community members asked questions, raised concerns and discussed opportunities about the draft upzone maps and changes proposed for our neighborhood.

Community Feedback and City Answers to Neighbor Questions:

  • Neighbors who attended the Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth meeting at Greenlake Library on November 5th gave input on the maps, offered feedback and asked questions about the MHA law, zoning, and impacts of rezoning on homes and the neighborhood.  We have received answers from the City to our community’s questions, and they are available to download here.  Go to our FAQs page for more community questions and answers.
  • Neighbors who attended the City Council’s November 15th Design Workshop at Crown Hill Center also weighed in on the maps.  The synopsis of the Design Workshops is available here. ∗
  • Our volunteer, neighbor-led Committee for Smart Growth compiled our own summary of your feedback from both of these meetings and our Community Survey.  We met with City leaders to discuss community priorities based on the summary of concerns we gathered.
  • Our three CHUV HALA Focus group delegates worked very hard all year to integrate community priorities and recommendations for smart growth in the official HALA Focus Group report on MHA and the maps.  You can download the Final HALA Focus Group Crown Hill Zoning Map here.  The full HALA Focus Group synthesis is available here.

    HALA Focus Group Summary for CHUV  (click to download)

Updated Recommendations for Smart Growth in 2017

The Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth has utilized neighbor feedback to update our recommendations to the City for smart growth for our neighborhood.  Moving forward into 2017, we will be working to advocate for these recommendations so we all benefit from smart neighborhood planning, infrastructure investments to accommodate the growth, and building a vibrant business district that protects our small businesses during change.

Review our updated recommendations here.

Projected timeline for next steps for Upzoning Crown Hill Urban Village:

  • The City will release two revised maps this spring for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. We hope that these alternative maps will reflect the community’s priorities for smart growth in our neighborhood.  We will share the revised maps, and ask for YOUR help to comment.
  • Legislation will be introduced to the City Council around the summer of 2017 that will include the upzone maps being submitted to the Council for approval.   We will share opportunities to be involved in the council’s legislative process as we learn of them.
  • The City Council vote on the final maps will likely be sometime in early 2018.

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∗This synopsis may be updated to reflect some clarifications, and we will update our website to share those revisions.

UPzoning Update for Crown Hill Urban Village
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