City representatives are canvassing and doorbelling in Crown Hill Urban Village to leave information about HALA and answer questions about the upzone.

As your neighbor-driven community group, we encourage you to communicate directly back to the city with your feedback on the draft maps.

Not sure how you feel? We have compiled community feedback on the draft maps from three separate community meetings here as well as our neighborhood’s urban village recommendations for 2017 here and Frequently asked Questions here.

Highlights of neighborhood priorities for smart growth include:

  • Planning and Design Guidelines to support smart growth in our community.
  • Building infrastructure to accommodate growth, with an emphasis on transit investments, safe pedestrian paths, updated storm water drainage and flooding north of 85th.
  • Creating better, more vibrant commercial spaces and a true business district.

Even if you already spoke to the canvasser, please take the time to communicate directly with the City to make sure your comments about the proposed upzone are documented.  You can call HALA Hotline and voice your opinion or ask questions at 206-743-6612, email at or leave feedback on their interactive web tool.  (We encourage you to leave detailed comments on this tool by clicking each question).  Download instructions to create an account for here.

This is also an opportunity to engage the neighbors on your block.  Many of our neighbors will be learning of the upzone plans for the first time.  Please share the Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth website and resources with them via block email lists or printed material from our website, invite them to sign onto our email list, and encourage them to get them engaged on the major changes planned for our neighborhood.

UPDATED – P.S. to our neighbors on 16th, Mary and 14th:  The doorhanger left by the City does not include information about Single Family homes on your streets being upzoned to Neighborhood Commercial (NC) 55 or 75.  One of our steering committee members asked why, and was told that NC was omitted from the door flyer because it effects a very small percentage of homes.  The City is apparently using the same doorhanger in all Urban Villages.

We encourage you and your neighbors call or email the HALA Hotline directly and ask for clarification, as well as to comment on the proposed changes.

The City is Knocking …
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