18th Street Neighbor digs out a culvert to divert flooding

As the big rains fell in October, residents in some parts of Crown Hill Urban Village got out their shovels and sand bags to mitigate the flooding. Seattle Public Utilities is aware of major drainage and flooding problems in the existing urban village which completely blocks streets at times, flooding basements and overflowing open culverts; and yet, nothing had been done for years.

Now, due in large part to the efforts of our neighbors who called, wrote and testified before the council in the past months, Councilmember Rob Johnson has submitted a Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI) requiring Seattle Public Utilities to study green stormwater infrastructure investment, particularly calling out Crown Hill Urban Village as an area of need and interest for drainage and flooding fixes.  This study will examine the root of the problem, which we expect will lead to mitigation in 2018 and beyond.  Watch the Council Budget discussion here. (2:04 into the video)

Neighbor creates a makeshift emergency drainage pipe to divert water away from their home and into the sewer

Crown Hill Urban Village representatives will also be on-hand at a public hearing on the budget on Tuesday, October 25th at 530pm in City Hall.  Our goal is to remind Councilmembers how crucial approval of infrastructure investments like this are to the livability of communities like ours that are slated to receive tremendous future growth. If you’re interested in what we’re saying to the budget committee, or are interested in attending or submitting written comments, email info@crownhillurbanvillage.org for details.

Sandbags Divert Water from Overflowing Culverts



In other news, Councilmember Mike O’Brien is working with us to secure a meaningful comprehensive community planning process for Crown Hill Urban Village beginning in 2017. You’ll recall, community planning before rezoning is one of our major recommendations for smart growth. We believe that with a community plan in place, we’re better positioned to work with developers and government agencies to shape our neighborhood’s future.  Watch the budget discussion here (1:50 into the video)

Finally, our City Find It Fix Walk has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Find It Fix It is an excellent opportunity to meet with Mayor Ed Murray and City Department Heads about concerns and opportunities for infrastructure, transit fixes and smart growth in our neighborhood.  We are working with our partners at Whittier Heights Community Council to share our survey findings, recommendations for growth and critical infrastructure and transit needs with city leaders who will be in attendance. Please come join us and meet the Mayor and City Leaders at Baker Park on November 19th.  You can email info@crownhillurbanvillage.org with questions.


flooded greenway
Flooding on the 17th Ave Greenway at 87th
Progress in Dialogue with City Leaders