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The City is proposing building a new Greenway and modifying the Holman Rd. pedestrian overpass through Crown Hill Urban Village.

The Committee for Smart Growth is advocating for  pedestrian safety enhancements due to traffic through this business area, poor visibility, and lack of safe separated space for pedestrians to avoid traffic through this business area.

This proposed Greenway is one of the first infrastructure projects that will be built in Crown Hill Urban Village since the City announced its plans to upzone our community for growth.  The new Greenway would stretch from Whitman Middle School along 92nd Ave NW to light rail at Northgate and is scheduled to be built in 2018.

Currently, the City’s Greenway proposal includes:

  • Build Greenway between Whitman Middle School and Crown Hill Park along 92nd St.  (No sidewalks planned between Mary and 14th.)
  • Replace the Holman Rd. elevated crossing with an accessible surface level crossing and a plaza.
  • Build a Greenway along 92nd NW East of 13th (no sidewalks or set-aside pedestrian walkways are currently planned through this business and light industrial area)

Access full City information about the Greenway here.

Access full City information about the Holman Crossing and Plaza here.

Urban Villages should be pedestrian friendly and safely walkable.  As Crown Hill Urban Village is upzoned for growth, all new infrastructure projects should protect pedestrian safety and mobility and create a walkable neighborhood. 

Stretch of Proposed Greenway connecting Whitman Middle School and Crown Hill Park with no sidewalks planned on 92nd between 14th and Mary behind a business center


Proposed Greenway route on 92nd between 13th and 12th Ave NW with no sidewalks currently included for safe pedestrian access
Pedestrian Overpass which is proposed for teardown and replacement by an accessable street level crossing on Holman Road at 13th NW


Whitman Middle students walk home down the middle of the street on our current 17th Ave Greenway


Chronic Flooding and Drainage limit or can fully block access along the 17th Ave Greenway, forcing pedestrians to the center of the road and limiting access
Neighborhood Greenway and Pedestrian Safety
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