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Crown Hill Urban Village needs significant infrastructure investment and smart planning to become the walkable, vibrant and dense Urban Village the City envisions in its UPZoning proposals.

Over 25 people crowded into a small room in the Greenwood Library on Tuesday night to hear details about the urban village expansion and what the Crown Hill Urban Village (CHUV) Committee for Smart Growth has been doing on behalf of our community.

At the 90-minute event, CHUV Smart Growth Committee members discussed our recommendations, how we’re approaching CHUV advocacy with the City and opportunities for neighbors could get involved with our efforts.

One of the biggest questions raised that evening was how individual neighbors could approach City officials in support of CHUV recommendations and ask the Council for Smart Growth in our Urban Village.

The three most urgent asks we’ve made to the City are:

1) Work with the CHUV to create a neighborhood plan, design guidelines, zoning analysis and all the other basic research and planning work BEFORE rezoning us with a one-size-fits-all approach to expanding Urban Villages throughout the City;

2) Definitively tie transit and infrastructure investments (schools, parks, drainage, sidewalks, etc) to growth, so our infrastructure and mobility – which already strains to meet the current demand – will keep up with projected density increases;

3)  Encourage commercial spaces that support locally owned small businesses along our arterials as new density is added.

Neighbors in or near the upzone are encouraged to write, call or meet with the Mayor and the City Council. You can find their contact information and a sample letter here.

We’re looking for people to sign up to volunteer to attend public hearings on our behalf and make comments in support of our recommendations **. And we need Neighborhood Ambassadors to reach out to other neighbors in the UV and Expansion area and share our flyer (do you have a block email list?) answer questions about our efforts and give them information about how they can help.

**Mark your calendars for the only evening Public Hearing scheduled to-date.  Monday, June 27, 6pm – 8:00(ish) in City Hall, 600 4th Avenue 2nd Floor.  The City Council Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee will hold a public hearing to take comments on the Mayor’s recommended changes to the Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, Seattle 2035, which includes many amendments that impact zoning within Urban Villages, the proposed Expansion area boundaries and more.   RSVP to if you plan to attend and would like assistance with your comments. We ask people arrive by 5:30 to sign up to comment and meet others from CHUV who will be there. Tips for commenting are here. **


Meet & Greet in Greenwood Draws Questions About Approaching City Leaders
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