NOTICE: Public Hearing, Monday, March 12, 6:00 p.m.  

What?  This is an official public hearing where the council will take testimony on the rezones in our  neighborhood.

Where?  Northgate Community Center  10510 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125 (map)

How to Comment?   Comments should be two minutes or less.   The most effective comments will tell your personal story, and how growth impacts you and your neighbors.  Try to come early to sign in, and look for your neighbors – we will have stickers that identify us from the neighborhood.  Want help?  Email questions to

Can’t make the meeting?  Contact Councilmember Mike O’Brien and other City Councilmembers by email.  Councilmembers O’Brien, Johnson, Gonzalez and Mosqueda are important to decision making to determine what happens in our community. Contact information for Council is here.

Neighbors share their perspectives on Growth in Crown Hill Urban Village in this short audio interview:

Our Take on Smarter Growth for our Neighborhood

We believe that the current plans to rezone our neighborhood need improvement, and should be modified to better reflect the needs of everyone in our community.

Rezone Arterials First. Big box stores and empty parking lots can become a vibrant community center and heart of the neighborhood. Focus growth where it benefits everyone and builds more onsite inclusionary affordable housing and a thriving business center. Make rezoning positive for our community.

Utilize more RSL zoning.  Lowrise will displace neighbors who rent properties when they are sold and replaced with expensive housing.  Seniors and disabled who rely on neighbors will lose their safety net. Low or fixed income neighbors who can’t afford higher costs of living will struggle.  Apartments will replace family-size homes. Adding more RSL zoning off the arterials instead of the Lowrise will minimize harm and create a livable community with diverse housing that works for everyone.  Completing neighborhood planning first – before rezoning off arterials – will minimize harm and create a functional community.

Infrastructure investments to support growth.  Current 50 minute bus rides downtown will be worse with no light rail or significant transit investments.  No sidewalks and difficult street crossings are not pedestrian safe. Drainage and flooding, crowded schools, parks, greenspaces are all matters that need attention.  The City has not committed to the significant investments needed to support growth coming that will be necessary to keep neighbors able to get to and from work and city services or able to safely walk in the neighborhood.

View an interactive map of the proposed zoning changes here – choose “Preferred Alternative Map”.

View more information about the maps, early neighborhood feedback and housing types.

Who is the CHUV Committee for Smart Growth

The CHUV Committee for Smart Growth is a volunteer group of your neighbors and the neighborhood associations in our community.  We are not the City. Our goal is to make growth positive for all neighbors, and make our neighborhood a great place for everyone – current neighbors and the new neighbors who will join us.   Crown Hill Urban Village and the proposed expansion area  will be one of the most impacted areas in the City under the current zoning plans.  Our neighborhood is a diverse mix of people with different incomes, backgrounds and housing needs, and the changes proposed for our neighborhood will impact hundreds of homes and thousands of neighbors who live here.  Read our Recommendations for Smart Growth for more information.

Thank you for speaking up, at the hearing or by email to City Council.  Please share this information with your neighbors.  Working together, we hope to make growth positive for everyone in our neighborhood.  Please share with your neighbors.

Hearing on the Rezones Monday March 12