CHUV Logo For Blog PostsSeveral weeks ago, the City released their draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  for proposed density increases and upzones in Seattle’s urban villages. The EIS is necessary to comply with state law.  The EIS looks at a variety of factors in considering the environmental impacts of zoning changes proposed to implement the new affordable housing requirement would have on neighborhoods including transit, traffic, emergency response, flooding and drainage, infrastructure and parks, land use and design and suggests needed mitigations.

Your neighbors with the Crown Hill Urban Village Committee Smart Growth have been pouring through 1,000-plus pages of the report, other studies and city planning tools, and the appendices.

Transit is just one of the factors the EIS evaluates to learn about the impact of growth on a community
Comments due August 7

The deadline for public comment, August 7, is fast approaching. Neighbors can view and download both our Committee’s  full comments and a handy summary of the key points  in case you also wish to comment with the City and could use some tips. In general, we find the analysis of the impact of growth and the mitigations to address the problems to be inadequate.

You can comment on the draft EIS using the on-line form, or email comments to by August 7th. All comments submitted on the Draft EIS will inform the Final EIS – including a proposed rezone map for CHUV –  which will be released later this fall. Learn more about the EIS process on this City video.

Next steps

After the Final EIS is completed this fall, it will be submitted to the City Council.  The City Council will begin another public outreach process in Fall 2017 to finalize the Urban Village Upzoning Maps.  The final vote on the zoning maps expected in Summer 2018.

We will use our Draft EIS analysis as a tool to inform our future discussions with the City regarding the issues of transportation, public utilities, pedestrian safety, and the other issues impacted by future growth in our urban village.

City’s timeline for MHA and upzoning approval in Seattle’s Urban Villages
Draft EIS Comments Due August 7
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