The City is seeking comments by April 20th to replace the Holman Road Pedestrian Overpass with a surface crosswalk and build a Plaza at 13th Ave and 92nd.

The Overpass and Plaza project is coordinated with a proposed new North Seattle Greenway that will connect Whitman Middle School to Northgate.

As Crown Hill Urban Village is upzoned to accommodate more growth, neighbors must advocate that City invest the appropriate resources in pedestrian safety and infrastructure to insure safety and pedestrian mobility as we grow.

Please contact the City by April 20th about this new infrastructure proposal.

  • Ask the City to include sidewalks and safe pedestrian paths on the proposed Greenway.
  • Offer your thoughts on the City’s proposal to replace the Pedestrian Overpass across Holman Ave at 13th
  • Share ideas for safety concerns, art or design for the proposed plaza.

Please comment by April 20 by contacting:

Kristin Anderson, Outreach Lead, Neighborhood Street Fund Program  206-733-9361

Please consider copying your comments to:

  • Scott Kubly, Director Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT):  206-684-5180
  • Dan Anderson, Outreach Specialist, North Seattle Greenway: (206) 684-8105
  • City Councilmember Mike O’Brien:  206-684-8800
    • Our District 6 Representative, City Council Sustainability and Transportation Committee Chair, Planning Land Use and Zoning Committee Vice Chair
  • City Councilmember Rob Johnson: 206-684-8808;
    • Chair, Planning, Land Use and Zoning Committee

Neighbors can also comment on this project at a City Open House April 27th.

Concerned about Pedestrian Safety?
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