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Over 500 comments yielded common themes and good ideas in the CHUV Smart Growth Survey

As the Seattle City Council gets ready to meet this afternoon to decide whether to approve zoning changes recommended by the Mayor’s HALA Committee; a survey fielded by Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth shows overwhelming community interest in planning before rezoning a large swath of single-family homes in one of the largest expansion areas in the City.

The survey, which was taken by nearly 600 people in and around the Crown Hill Urban Village expansion zone from July 7 – August 5, 2016, shows a community committed to their neighborhood and to supporting smart growth by:

  • Meaningful neighborhood planning before Re-zoning or Upzoning—87 percent strongly agree
  • Density definitively tied to infrastructure investments to manage the growth—84 percent strongly agree
  • Building on arterials and areas already zoned but underutilized first—78 percent strongly agree

Renters and homeowners alike shared these values, with little difference in responses on these three recommendations to the City on growth in Crown Hill.

A supermajority of all respondents strongly agreed that Seattle needs more affordable housing, but that affordable housing policies should also protect existing affordable housing, so renters in single family homes are not displaced by expensive new town homes. Renters responded much more strongly in favor than homeowners to this question.

While many neighbors expressed deep concerns, frustrations, anger and uncertainty about their future when commenting about the City’s proposal to upzone Crown Hill Urban Village and expand the boundaries further into the neighborhood, many also conveyed thoughtful ideas and articulate suggestions and concerns as they envisioned a quality future for our neighborhood.

For complete survey results, including top infrastructure priorities, ideas for future growth and over 500 comments from neighbors in and near Crown Hill Urban Village, visit our website.

The Community Has Spoken on Growth in the Crown Hill Urban Village
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