On Wednesday, July 19 SDOT and Councilmember Mike O’Brien are hosting a public meeting on the proposal for the removal of Crown Hill’s pedestrian overpass (next to Dick’s) on Holman Road. The overpass removal is part of a Neighborhood Street Fund project to add a new pedestrian street level crossing and signal on 13th Ave NW and Holman Rd.

Although community members requested the addition of a signal, neighbors question  the need to remove the overpass and are concerned about its impact on pedestrian safety.

This is the time to make your voice heard about pedestrian safety in CHUV as we grow.

Wednesday, July 19th
5:30 to 7:00 pm (presentation starts at 6 pm)
Crown Hill Center Gym
9250 14th Ave N.W.

All Urban Villages require safe pedestrian paths

The City’s proposal to significantly upzone and add density to CHUV  requires the city also invest in safer pedestrian infrastructure so neighbors can safely walk to access services.

Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth has always advocated for increased pedestrian safety in our urban village.    Integrating safe pedestrian paths on neighborhood side streets and including sidewalks – especially on our existing and newly proposed Greenways – is one of our key priorities when promoting our community’s unique needs as our urban village grows. Building safe, planned pedestrian walkways over and around arterials for safe pedestrian access is a key element in our efforts.

At the meeting, you will hear more from the City about the current design for the Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW New Signal project, have your questions answered regarding the removal of the overpass, and discuss how the street would operate with these changes.  This meeting is not organized by the CHUV Committee for Smart Growth.

To learn more about the project background go to the Holman Rd NW and 13th Ave NW New Signal project webpage and read SDOT’s blog post

City Meeting on Holman Overpass Removal Next Week