CHUV Logo For Blog PostsOn Tuesday this week, the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Zoning (PLUZ) committee approved the Mandatory Housing Affordability-Residential framework legislation (MHA-R – aka the “Grand Bargain”) with some amendments.

This framework legislation sets out the general rules for how residential development will contribute to affordable housing — but it does not make any zoning changes…yet.

Now that the PLUZ committee has passed the legislation, the full City Council will discuss and vote on the framework on August 15 beginning at 2:00 p.m.  After, the work begins about the specifics of the upzoning planned for urban villages, including Crown Hill Urban Village.

Now it’s more important than ever to step up so that we can effectively negotiate with the City for smart growth on behalf of our entire community. Please let us know what you want by taking our seven-question survey before 6:00 pm Friday, August 5. Email our survey link to friends and neighbors in and around the upzone. Even if you’ve already forwarded our survey and website to your neighbors, please do it again. We want as many voices to inform this work as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a landlord, a renter, a home owner or a business owner. Everyone’s input is welcomed.

And while you’re there, subscribe to our site if you are not getting email alerts. We’ll periodically share emails like this that keep you abreast of what’s happening in our community.

City Council Takes Big Step Towards Rezoning Urban Villages
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