Click the Map to see the new zoning.

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to approve the Mandatory Housing Affordability rezone of Crown Hill Urban Village on March 18th.

The legislation rezoned all properties within the urban village boundary, and expanded the boundary of the urban village.  The final legislation included extensive amendments offered by Councilmember Mike O’Brien. Neighbors can see the final rezone map for CHUV passed by the Council and enacted into law and descriptions of the zoning changes they will bring.

Councilmember O’Brien shared his reflections on working with Crown Hill neighbors over the past year, and  his decisions to offer the amendments for our neighborhood.

Next Steps

Now that the rezoning has been completed, our neighborhood can expect changes in the future.  Our committee advocated for neighborhood planning investments from the City, and have been participating with the City of Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development to create a blueprint for what our neighborhood can become over the next twenty years.

Please consider engaging in this planning process moving forward.  This is our shot to create a growing and thriving neighborhood with the infrastructure investments needed to support the growth.

To date, there have been two community meetings, and a survey.  More than 50 neighbors came to the March 3rd workshop.  See the feedback so far for CHUV community planning and subscribe for updates on the next planning opportunities.  We anticipate at least two more community planning meetings – the next one likely to be held in May or June.

CHUV Rezones Approved