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CHUV Rezone Map

As passed by the MHA committee on Monday 02/25/2019

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Who is the Committee for Smart Growth?

      Who We Are The Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth was formed in 2016 in response to the City’s plan to upzone Crown Hill Urban Village as part of the Mandatory Housing Affordability policy.  The Committee includes neighborhood organizations including Crown Hill Village (formerly Crown

2018 Smart Growth Recommendations

  1. Planning and design guidelines to support smart growth in our community.
  2. Investments in Infrastructure to accommodate growth.
  3. Creation of vibrant commercial spaces and business district

Contact City Officials

Updated January 3, 2019: The City Council is making decisions NOW on growth and the future zoning of our neighborhood.   Neighbors are encouraged to follow the City Council proceedings, communicate with Councilmembers directly with concerns or suggestions, and attend a public hearing currently scheduled for February 21st at 5:00 pm