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Our goal is to make Seattle’s growth something positive for our community. 

The Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth is a partnership of neighborhood organizations and neighbors like YOU working together for smarter growth in the CHUV and the proposed expansion area.  This partnership was initiated by the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) after holding two public meetings on growth.  These meetings were attended by over 100 neighbors. The partnership has expanded to include the Crown Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA), Crown Hill Business Association (CHBA), the Whittier Heights Community Council, Olympic Manor Community Club, Greenwood Community Council and concerned neighbors living in and near CHUV.  We are not affiliated with the City of Seattle.

How can I contact the Committee for Smart Growth? We are volunteers working together to make density in our neighborhood a Win/Win for everyone. We welcome constructive suggestions, volunteers and your help spreading the word and making our neighborhood better for everyone.

Please join us.

About this Website

Volunteers with the Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth  built this website.  The goal of the site is to provide a base of information for the changes proposed for Crown Hill Urban Village neighborhoods, and tools to help neighbors get involved.  As an all volunteer committee, we will do our best to keep this site and calendar updated with public meetings and activities and share information via email updates and blog posts. We welcome your help.