What do your Neighbors think about the proposed rezone maps?

HALA Focus Group Zoning Map Feedback (click to download)

  • Read the Summary or Full Report of Neighbor Feedback on the draft maps  our Committee shared with the City in December.
  • NEW:  The City released a summary of neighbor feedback from the November 15th City Council led Design Workshops, including the map, summary of themes, and table notes.
  • Read the full report from the Nov. 5th Neighbor-to-Neighbor Conversation attended by over 50 Neighbors.  And the City’s responses to questions neighbors asked here.
  • NEW:  Download the input from the HALA Focus Group on the CHUV Zoning Map here.

chuv updated mapDownload the Crown Hill Urban Village first draft rezone map here.

Download the Comparison Analysis of Zoning changes prepared by the Committee for Smart Growth here.

Download the guide to how to read the map here or view the Video below.

Download illustrations of example building types that would be allowed in various zones under new MHA development standards and affordable housing requirements are linked below.  A short summary page of housing types is here.


Residential Small Lot (RSL)

Lowrise 1 (LR1)     Lowrise 2 (LR2)       Lowrise 3 (LR3)

Neighborhood Commercial 40 (NC-40)      Neighborhood Commercial 55 (NC-55)

Neighborhood Commercial 75 (NC-75)

See a map of all Proposed Zoning Changes in Urban Villages around the City here.
This six-minute City video provides an overview and instructions on reading the CHUV upzoning MHA map