Find Draft Zoning Maps and Neighborhood Feedback Here.

View and download the draft zoning maps, a before and after comparison, housing descriptions and a summary of neighbor feedback and questions.

Download Maps and Neighbor's Feedback

Who We Are

The Crown Hill Urban Village Committee for Smart Growth includes neighbors like YOU

  • The Crown Hill Neighborhood Association
  • The Crown Hill Business Association
  • Greenwood Community Council
  • The Olympic Manor Community Club
  • The Whittier Heights Community Council

Smart Growth Recommendations

  1. Expedite developing a neighborhood plan for Crown Hill Urban Village before rezoning.
  2. Incentivize density along arterials.
  3. Limit UPzoning in single-family areas.
  4. Prioritize infrastructure upgrades (sidewalks, transit, schools, parks, utilities) before increasing density.
  5. Encourage commercial spaces to be built and leased to support small, locally-owned businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 11/27/16)

  • Why is the City rezoning and expanding boundaries for Urban Villages
  • Are the draft maps really drafts?
  • How would this rezone as currently proposed impact my property and neighborhood?
  • What specifically has changed in the new draft zoning maps?

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